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Our Clients Say it Best

  • We started taking the products eight weeks before the World Championships in Munich. Since then not only have my performance and wellbeing vastly improved, but that of the whole team too, as teammates have told me. In my opinion, the FitLine products literally contributed to our current success as World Champion along with our intense training...–Dr. Michael Sauer, 2008 Paralympics Peking 4th place (rowing)

  • In our decision-making, it was very important that FitLine has a very high priority in sporting events. For us, the product safety is extremely important. Our athletes also gave me a lot of feedback that the taste of the products is excellent and, of course, the effects of the products, especially in the prevention and regeneration phase...–Hans Pum, Director of Sports ÖSV

  • In Summer 2006, I was introduced to the FitLine products for the first time and was really thrilled right from the start. I do not just feel great – the products also taste excellent. Basics and Activize Sensitive have topped off my balance of vitamins and Restorate was great to help me in regenerating in the best way after a game...–Florence Lüscher, 2011 Swiss Championship Omnium Suisse 2nd place (golf)

  • ...FitLine has always helped me during the last few years to remain fit, sometimes under extreme physical strain. That means I regenerate more quickly after training and competition, am in a better condition and have greater endurance. My performance level during the competition phase has considerably stabilized and my muscles become tired and tense far less often...–Michal Martikan, 2013 World Champion Team (canoe)

  • I have come to really value the FitLine products’ excellent effects. Since I started taking the products, I’ve felt much fitter and have great strength to ride. FitLine has always supported me in the best possible way in my sport of mountain biking (I ride for the FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC World Cup team). I have always been able to call off my full ability, healthy and regenerated...–Thomas Litscher, 2012 Swiss Champion Eliminator Mountainbike sprint