Enjoy at least 20% discount off the retail price by becoming a distributor!

Simple Guide to becoming a Distributor/Team Partner (“TP”)

1. Go to 7305752.pm-quickstart.com or https://www.pm-international.com/registration/?TP=7305752

2. Choose your country of residence and select “Register”.

TeamPartner Registration-step1

3. In the second box, you should see “Yes, I agree that Ng Ch** Ye** is to be my sponsoring Teampartner“. Please select this. If this is not appearing or if another name appears, please select the next radio button and key in the Teampartner number “7305752” as given in the sample below. Complete all the details and select “Continue”.

FitLine New TeamPartner Form

4. You will then be brought to the following page to select your first order (the selection of first order differs in each country). These first orders are at a significant discount from retail prices and it’s only available to each TP once. Please choose from the selection given and select “Continue”.

SgFitLine TeamPartner Registration-step4

5. Please complete the payment details, delivery address and all required information. Different delivery charges apply to different country. Select “Send order”.

6. You will see this screen if everything is completed successfully.

SgFitLine TeamPartner Registration-step6

Upon the purchase of your first order, you are now entitled to at least 20% for future purchases of any products.