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FitLine products are not sold through normal retailers. Instead, the products are sold through PM International’s network of independent distributors. Each distributor is assigned a number, called Teampartner’s (“TP”) number.’s TP number is 7305752.

As a new customer, if you go directly to PM International’s website (ie without going through any of the distributor’s link first) and enter your email, you will encounter the following error message:

"Dear Client, please contact the person who recommended you this website. This person will then guide you to his personalized shop and you will be able to perform your order."

FitLine New Customer Error Message


For FIRST TIME customers, you won’t be able to purchase from PM International website without going through one of its independent distributors.

All you need to do is to click on “BUY NOW” at the relevant product pages (Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate and Optimal Set) in and you will be directed to the PM International’s site.

After you have completed your shopping, simply go to checkout and key in all the required information. You will be given a Customer ID. Please quote this number for future purchases. 

Please email us at admin@sgfitlinedotcom if you encounter any issues finalising your purchases, or require further assistance and information.

YOU can also become a distributor and enjoy member’s discount! Click HERE