Improve Your Digestion – The Road to Perfect Health

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Healthy GutAccording to Dr Sherry Rogers, “the road to health is paved with good intestines.” The health of our gut is intrinsically linked to overall health and proper functioning of our immune system. Poor digestion can result in many chronic illnesses. It is thus important to maintain a healthy digestive system as part of healthy living.

Knowing this, I looked forward to listening to nutritionist and health coach Jessica See at the 50plus Expo at Suntec City Convention Hall. Unfortunately, the talk was quickly fully subscribed there. Thankfully, the response from this talk was so overwhelming that Jessica decided to make it available at PM International’s office 2 weeks later which I quickly booked a place.

Here are some simple and practical ways to heal your gut and live a healthy life that I picked up at the talk.

Firstly, we have to appreciate that since the health of our gut determines what nutrients are adsorbed and what toxins are kept out, it is directly linked to the health of our whole body. Seemingly unrelated symptoms such as aching joints, fatigue, weight gain and blood sugar imbalances may be a result of a poorly functioning digestive system.

Jessica showed examples where long suffering patients of eczema and depression recovered after their gut was healed.

One of the initial steps is to identify and avoid food sensitivities. Some common offenders are Gluten, Dairy, Corn and Soy products.

Many will be shocked to realise that milk is not as good for our body as advertised, with Jessica citing results of well-supported studies linking regular consumption of milk to rising osteoporosis in various countries.

Secondly, we should avoid ‘whites’. As far as possible, don’t consume or cook with white flour, sugar, rice, bread and dairy. All these tend to be low-fibre, high-sugar and nutrient-poor which cause all the wrong kind of bacteria to grow in the gut.

So now we know what to avoid. How about what we should consume? Fresh raw foods are the way to go to jump start the healing process. Fresh fruits and vegetables have naturally occurring enzymes that help break down our food so we can digest them better.

Love Your GutWe should also look to add good bacteria into our gut to help normalize the pH and destroy the harmful bacteria that may be making us sick. We should also chew our food slowly and eat in a calm, quiet and relaxing space. Don’t read, text or watch TV while eating as that generally leads to ‘mindless’ eating and over-consumption.

Also, stress causes elevated Cortisol which eats away at the intestinal barrier. It’s no wonder then why taking Fitline products will lead to better health. The whole foods in Basics Plus provides essential enzymes and good bacteria to revitalize intestinal flora for optimal digestion, while Restorate further aids in obtaining balanced acid-alkaline ratio to keep bad bacteria at bay.

As Jessica always says, it’s not just what you eat; it’s what gets to your cells. And your cells won’t get much if the much needed nutrients are stopped from reaching them by a poor digestive system. So take care of your gut, and you’ll be taking a big step forward towards long lasting health and a more enjoyable life!